"The only reasons we don’t have what we want in life are the reasons we create why we can’t have them."

-Tony Robbins

The initial coaching session (or a series of sessions if needed – there is no rush) is free. During this meeting (which takes up to two hours), I assess your situation and explain how I work. Many coaches (especially online) use their initial sessions as nothing more than a sales call. Not me. I will bring my ‘A’ game and actually COACH you during our session.

Many of my clients begin to experience breakthroughs and shifts in their thinking just as a result of our initial meeting. Keep in mind, that I won’t hold back. We’ll dive deep. I will give you my very best from the get-go.

Please note, I do not discuss my fees ahead of the initial coaching session as my coaching is custom-tailored to suit your individual needs. However, I will tell you that I don't charge by the hour and I require a minimum 3 month commitment from my clients.

I’m not the most expensive personal coach (don’t worry, I’ll get there), nor am I the cheapest. However, I believe in the work I do and I bring tremendous value to my clients' lives and charge accordingly.

I work Monday through Friday with some half days available on Saturdays.

When you're ready to schedule your initial coaching session, click the button below to contact me via email. I look forward to hearing from you. 

Simply click the button below to contact me via email.


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