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with Richard Dennis

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Ready To Grow Your Brand, Business, Or Ministry Online?

Over the last 10 year I've worked with various brands, businesses, and ministries to help them grow their impact through social media and online marketing. I've spent thousands of hours learning from the very best in online marketing and I'm ready to pass that knowledge and expertise onto you.

Here's the truth. The online marketing game has changed dramatically in the last year. A lot of the courses that are currently on the market are teaching outdated tactics and strategies that still work but simply are not as effective as they used to be.

The most effective and cost efficient way to grow your brand, business, or ministry right now online is through video and video ads. There's nothing else that even comes close.

You need to get your name out there. You need to get your brand, business, or ministry in front of the right people. To find the right customers or clients, and then get those people to come to you.

Facebook video and video ads are the BEST way to do this right now. Don't waste your time or money in "getting Likes", growing your email list, starting a blog, building a fancy website or any of that outdated advice.

You need to market your brand, business, or ministry like it's 2019... not 2009!

Wouldn't it be great if you could learn the most current marketing strategies that actually WORK right now and implement those strategies into your brand, business, or ministry over the next 90 days? 

What if you could cut through all the fluff and have an expert guide you through every step of the process to get Facebook video and video ads working for you to help you become the expert authority in your niche, grow your audience, make an impact, and get more leads and customers quickly and sustainably?

Wouldn't it be freaking fantastic if you knew exactly where to spend your marketing time and money? Wouldn't it be phenomenal to learn how to craft killer video content and campaigns to reach your ideal audience and generate more revenue for your brand, business, or ministry?

And wouldn't it be great if you knew how to do this without having to spend thousands and thousands of dollars every month paying an outside marketing agency, videographer, and editor to do it? 

Allowing you to focus on what's working right now to grow your business or ministry online, while having an expert in your corner to guide you up the mountain to online marketing success?

I want to give your brand, business, or ministry an UNFAIR advantage. 

I want to teach you how to systematically and sustainably grow your audience, impact, and income online with strategies and tactics that are working right now.

Over the next 90 days, you'll understand the theory and psychology behind creating engaging content and high converting marketing campaigns. Together we'll craft and implement your customized marketing and profit plan. And by the end, you'll be deploying your video content and marketing campaigns to grow your business, brand, or ministry.

You'll go from marketing newbie to a marketing JEDI in no time.

Here's what you'll learn and implement in the Marketing Crash Course:

  • How to "hack" your mind and set effective goals for success
  • A simple process to hone your ideal avatar and validate your online offers (product, service, coaching, etc)
  • Develop your pricing strategies and personal profit plan for your brand, business, or ministry
  • Map out your marketing message to reach and convert your ideal customers into buyers or ministry partners
  • How to create highly engaging content that your audience loves in only a couple hours per week
  • How to use Facebook LIVE, video, and video Ads to grow your audience, impact, and income
  • How to set up and create your website and marketing system in just a few hours without spending thousands of dollars on a web designer or developer
  • How to get all your marketing activities done in 3-5 hours per week so you can focus on your brand, business, or ministry and not on marketing!

If you're ready to take your brand, business, or ministry to the next level, then The Marketing Crash Course is for you!

Included with The Marketing Crash Course is:

  • A weekly group "Marketing Workshop" via Zoom where I will work with you in crafting your content, video scripts, ads, etc.
  • A 60 minute personal strategy session where I will help you develop your customized marketing and profit plan.
  • You'll have daily access to me via a private Facebook group to ask questions, get help and feedback as needed.
  • Weekly group coaching and accountability to make sure you're moving through the course and implementing the strategies to grow your brand, business, or ministry

This is a curated and highly intimate 60 day coaching and mentorship experience where you will be working closely with me to learn and implement a highly personalized marketing strategy into your business or ministry along with 11 other business or ministry leaders. 

Enrollment into the program closes on May 1st, 2019 or if we hit our 12 spot limit... whichever comes first.

To enroll in The Marketing Crash Course, simply click the button below to be directed to the sales page...

-Richard Dennis

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